Technical Information

Justeq07 is a single-feed, ready-to-use, liquid halogen biocide for industrial and institutional water treatment applications. The product is a mixture of stabilized chlorine and bromide, from which a bromine biocide is produced in-situ within slime, bio-film and algae mass formed on the system surfaces. Product activity is approximately 6.7% as chlorine.

The consumption rate of Justeq07 in cooling water is 30% to 50% of conventional stabilized bromine products.

  • With conventional stabilized bromine products almost half of the total halogen concentration in cooling water is measured as a free halogen residual. The high free halogen concentration from the product is largely lost through reaction with the organic contaminants in water; in addition, mechanical stripping from the cooling system also leads to wastage.
  • Only about 5% of the total halogen concentration in the cooling water with Justeq07 is measured as a free halogen residual because there is equilibrium among stabilized chlorine, bromide and the reaction product, bromine. This produced bromine is measured as the free halogen. In the clean bulk water phase of cooling systems, this low concentration of bromine is consumed relatively slowly, however when bromine is produced inside slime or an algal mass, bromine consumption is fast due to the high halogen demand of the organics. This causes a reaction equilibrium shift when bromine is consumed within the slime or algal mass, which accelerates bromine production. Subsequently the majority of the available halogen in the cooling water treated with Justeq07 is consumed within the slime or algae mass, disintegrating them to clean up the surfaces. This limited waste of the available halogen of Justeq07 makes the product to last twice to three times longer than other stabilized bromine products.

Justeq07 is as effective or better than stabilized bromine products in maintaining clean cooling water systems when the total halogen concentration in cooling water is the same.

  • Cooling water applications require the maintenance of more than 1ppm of total chlorine for both Justeq07 and stabilized bromine products.
  • Biocide treatment of cooling water is primarily to maintain clean system surfaces. Justeq07 is very effective in doing the job.
  • Justeq07 generally achieves bacteria counts <1,000cfu/mL provided relatively clean make-up water is used and total chlorine is maintained above 1ppm.
  • The main component of Justeq07 treated cooling water is stabilized chlorine, which is a very weak oxidizer; stabilized bromine however is a relatively strong oxidizer. This low oxidizing property lets the stabilized chlorine diffuse into slime or algae easily, whereupon it reacts with bromide in the product to produce highly oxidizing bromine which is very effective for biofilm destruction.

Justeq07 also maintains cleanliness of non-continuously wetted surfaces.

  • Even for surfaces not continuously in contact with the circulating water, the stabilized chlorine present on a wet surface is sufficient for Justeq07 to generate bromine, thereby eliminating slime and algae and preventing re-growth. This is not the case with other halogen-based biocides, where unless surfaces are continuously wetted, they lose their biocidal efficacy too quickly to prevent slime and algae proliferation.

What stops the stabilized chlorine from reacting with bromide to form bromine in the product, instead of in the cooling water and biofilm?

  • The pH of Justeq07 is highly alkaline as are all stabilized bromine or sodium hypochlorite based products. The reaction between stabilized chlorine and bromide to form bromine is pH dependent and the high alkaline pH of Justeq07 prevents this reaction from happening. At the cooling water pH of typically between 7 and 9, the reaction proceeds slowly as seen below.

If the pH of this clear, water-white product is adjusted from 13 to 9, the color changes to the yellow that is typical of bromine-based products.

Over-stabilization problems encountered with conventional stabilized bromine products at high COC (cycles of concentration) or HTI (holding time index) do not exist until much higher COC or HTI.

  • Over-stabilization of conventional stabilized halogen products occurs when the stabilizer in the products is concentrated to an excessive level in the cooling water. As the dosage rate of Justeq07 is considerably lower than these products, the critical stabilizer concentration for over-stabilization is unlikely to ever be reached in a water treatment programme operating at high COC or HTI levels.
  • Justeq07 has been successfully employed in water treatment programmes with cooling systems operating at COC and HTI levels of 15+ and 150 hours respectively.

Reduced Corrosion Potential

  • Oxidizing biocides are normally frequently slug dosed to the cooling water in small amounts to avoid the corrosive effect of high free halogen residuals. Likewise, conventional stabilized bromine products suffer similar problems as around 50% of the total halogen in cooling water is as free residual.
  • Since Justeq07 produces only about 5% of the total halogen as free residual, the corrosion rates have been shown to be much less than that of stabilized bromine products.

Justeq07 does not decompose the cooling water corrosion and scale inhibitors because of the low oxidation potential.

  • Most modern all organic or phosphate based water treatment programmes normally rely heavily on phosphonates; many of which are not stable in the presence of free halogen residuals, which can lead to their oxidization and subsequent scale and corrosion related problems. The very low oxidizing nature of Justeq07 eliminates the problem of corrosion and scale inhibitor decomposition.

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